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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Jun 15, 2022

Ya wanna be a Kamikaze?

Mat Bogs tells his story of his big dream to be a first string college running back when all the odds were against him. Too small, not enough muscle, coach turned him down

Kundalini  yoga for kids


Wine : Stoutridge

www.stoutridge winery and distillery 

The natural wines that Stoutridge already produce is what lead to the eco friendly and environmentally astute DISTILLATION processes @ Stoutridge.

There is an intriguing spirituality at Stoutridge:

Incorporating chakras into the winery and distillery and orchestrated music such as Chopin’s Scherzo 2 as an inspiration creating Absinthe Verte. Can you hear the FROG “ sounds” from this piece?

Chakra inspired Absinthe Vishudda,Manipura,Advaita,Anahata


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