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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Dec 15, 2021

We choose how we manage our emotions with tragedies, catastrophes and fearful moments in our lives. We try to resist the fear and pain-yet  it will simply persist and continue the downward spiral.  Learn how to change that scenario in this podcast.

Mat Boggs - Attitude
Kids and meditation Kundalini Yoga

HARIPRAKAASH - Kids Kundalini yoga

A discussion on prosperity and abundance 
Kundalini yoga and our kids- let them watch and practice these virtual classes to calm their inner fears and challenges.

Suburban wines is a large retailer in NY that SHIPS anywhere in the US. Click on their link and choose wines to be delivered by Christmas.  These are wines that I have tasted, some classics, some off the radar.  all good choices between $10- $35 

Norton Ridge merlot