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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Oct 21, 2020

What comes to your mind when you think of the word “ wealth”

Many of us think opulence, rich, lots of assets and possessions, money, money and more money

This podcast will open your eyes to a different way of thinking in regards to wealth.You’ll be introduced to the world’s oldest yoga and then some fun information about wine and food pairing.

True wealth is abundance:

Wealth is a state of gratitude

An abundance of love, health, friends

An abundance of memories, travels and adventures

 Mary Morrissey guides us to a better way of achieving wealth..

On this podcast you’ll learn how to get more abundance from my favorite mentor and her program Dreambuilder.   This is where you will find it:

Kundalini yoga is the oldest yoga in the world. This yoga is technical and practical.  You will learn one Kriya ( exercise) during the yoga segment.  My website , provides the link to my favorite Kundalini yoga teacher.

Wine - I was in the fine wine & spirits industry for twenty four years.  French wine is my forte.  In this section I share tips about food & wine pairing, make suggestions for some unusual combinations.   Born in Japan, raised in Texas, formerly married to a Frenchman, I like unique food & wine combinations.

How do all three of these topics blend? I have expertise in the last two subjects so why not share..And I think that it’s fortuitous that we learn a new way of thinking about abundance and wealth.

We ALL DESERVE the life that we desire and have longings