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Jan 18, 2023

Be the Boss of Your Attitude 

We are the engineer of our own lives, our thoughts, feelings and responses to situations, opportunities, challenges and adversities. 

Price Pritchett  in his digital book “ Hard Optimism” instructs us that we have a choice on how we manage  the FOLLOWING:

What is more important? 

1) What’s happening TO YOU or 

2) How you MANAGE adverse situations or opportunities?

For example Captain Dan Peretz, who owns Dolhin landings in St. Pete Beach, and his friend Bob, built Magic.  This is a 51 foot sailboat which in turn gave Captain Dan the idea to create the nonprofit,  Soothe our Souls.  SOS became a sailing excursion that serves people with mental and physical disabilities by taking them on a monthly, free excursion on Boca Ciega Bay.

My example - selling the property for its debt only...While that was definitely SCARY for me and could have been mentally draining.. it led me to realize that I had so much more potential in me that I was surely CAPABLE of creating another career. I am creating a new career that is far more rewarding than owning 40 acres, three rentals and the French themed inn. It will take me anywhere in the world, which will be Burgau, Portugal this year. Therefore my ATTITUDE WAS: 




Did I have some fear of the future?  You betcha. 

And that’s why I do Kundalini Yoga and meditation 

Yoga and Meditation: 

My kundalini yoga teacher Hariprakaash:

Removing Emotional Fatigue and Fear of the Future

Waking State Meditation. By integrating meditation, art, and movement into one class you learn to bring your meditation off the cushion and into everything you do. You learn to meditate while in motion and transfer that into your personal and professional life.  


Wine:  cool industry newsletter with brief articles full of useful information for the non wine geek also:

Seven Fifty wine newsletter:

Coming Trends in the Wine and Spirits Industry

Spirits experts, on the other hand, are preparing for growing categories like ready-to-drink cocktails and non-alcoholic spirits to take center stage, writes Nickolaus Hines. Distilleries expect that ingredient and production transparency and more robust tourism experiences will become more important in the coming year..

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